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Scott Le Roy Marketing was founded in Orlando, FL for one reason: To Provide Cost Effective Digital Marketing to those that Need Assistance. Since our creation in 2012, we have successfully helped over 100+ Companies, Real Estate Agents, and Keller Williams Market Center harness the power of digital marketing. Without a digital marketing presence, you are losing potential clients every day. Be found online and increase your business.

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Scott Le Roy Marketing can help to take your online digital marketing to the next level. With Experienced Advertisement Agency Staff Members, we are here to help simplify the complicated for you and your marketing strategy.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is a necessity in 2015 and staying connected with past clients and customers can increase referrals, branding and profitability.

Pay Per Click

The fastest way to get visitors to your website is through Pay Per Click Marketing. From Facebook Ads to Google Adwords, if you want custom tailored traffic, you may want to start working on your campaign.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still alive and well in 2015. Having a campaign for your previous clients and subscribers, a custom email campaign can increase website conversions and your own personal branding.

Keller Williams Technology Experts

Looking for a tech team to help with the office on-boarding and training? Need real estate marketing experts to manage your campaigns, database, online presence and more? Our team works with multiple market centers, teams and agents around the country on their technology support and marketing. See just how our team can help to simplify the complicated.


  • eEdge Setup For All New Agents

  • Tech Support on the KW Intranet

  • eEdge Training Webinars

  • Advanced eEdge Webinars

  • Contact Importing From CSV Files

  • Creation Of QR Codes

  • Creation of Custom APP Pages

  • Forwarding Of KW Emails

  • Forwarding of Domain to KW Websites

  • Unlimited YouTube Training

  • eEdge Tips Every Monday

  • Monthly Free Service Updates

  • Free Listing Photo Branding Templates

  • 5 Minute Response Time On Emails

  • Vast Knowledge of All Things KW Tech

  • Advertising Agency Pros On Staff

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Over 100 Happy Clients